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About the Author

David Reichenbaugh is an experienced and decorated Retired Maryland State Police Lieutenant with close to 35 years of police experience.  Most of those years were spent as an undercover investigator and criminal investigator.  After retiring from the Maryland State Police, he took a civilian position as an Analyst with the United States Capitol Police.    He writes from his home in Keedysville Maryland and writes with a gritty no-nonsense style that comes from many years working the streets against some of the most dangerous and notorious criminals in Maryland.

About the Book

In Pursuit is a compelling memoir about the Beltway snipers that terrorized the Capitol Region during the fall of 2002, less than a year removed from the horrors of 911.  Reichenbaugh takes the reader through the facts, investigative techniques, fears, and personal emotions, that he along with hundreds of Federal, State, County, and local law enforcement officers endured as they worked around the clock during the Month of October 2002 to bring the rogue killers to justice.

In Pursuit will be available for purchase On October 2nd, 2018 when it is released nationwide.  Published by FOREEDGE, This must read true crime book can be pre-ordered on Amazon or UPNE 800-421-1561 www.upne.com

“The Beltway Sniper was an amazing and enlightening read from cover to cover”

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