Retired State Police Lieutenants First Week of Book events Proves successful

Retired Maryland State Police Lt David Reichenbaugh hit the road with his new book In Pursuit the Hunt for the Beltway Snipers during the last weekend of September and the first week of October. His book about the inside story about the investigation, hunt and capture of the beltway snipers was welcomed with enthusiastic audiences who asked a ton of questions and shared their stories of how the two blood thirsty killers that went on a 23 day shooting spree across 2 states and the District of Columbia affected their lives. Reichenbaugh made stops at the Baltimore Book Festival, Four Seasons Books in Sherperdstown West Virginia, Barnes & Noble, Frederick Maryland, Scrawl Books, Reston Virginia, City Books, Pittsburgh Pennsylvania, and finally The New Atlantic Independent Booksellers Association in Baltimore Maryland

In Pursuit is now available in fine book stores and on line at Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and Indie Bound