Beltway Sniper Lee Malvo Federal Judge Orders new Sentencing

Since Lee Malvo was 17 when he along with John Muhammad went on their three week bloody killing spree in the Washington Metro area and became the subjects of one of the most intensive man hunts in American history a Federal Judge has ordered the re sentencing of Malvo because due to recent Supreme Court rulings he could not be given life with no parole.  He along with Muhammad was responsible for gunning down 10 people and wounding 4 more 16 years ago.  To get more information and read how police tracked the two blood thirsty killers down read David Reichenbaugh's In Pursuit The Hunt for the Beltway Snipers.   The book will be released on October 2nd 2018 but is currently available as a pre order on Amazon, Barnes and Noble, and Indy Bound

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