Book Events at Caprichos in Bel Air Maryland was a great success

Author David Reichenbaugh went to Bel Air Maryland on Saturday February 23rd for two book events. The author of In Pursuit the Hunt for the Beltway Snipers was hosted by MS Liz Decker owner of Caprichos Books. At 10 AM the author met with the book club and had a several hour detailed discussion about the book and about the Beltway Sniper Case. He found the questions compelling and challenging. It was obvious to the author that the group enjoyed the book and he received several compliments about his writing style and straight forward approach. One member told him that she felt like she was there while reading the book due to the detailed descriptions of the places and the events as they unfolded.

The Book Club meeting was followed up by a public book event at their delightful and beautiful store. The author felt at home in the comfortable atmosphere. The place was packed with more than 25 people in attendance including Major Jim Ballard MSP retired who is featured in the book and great friend and retired State Police Seargeant Joe Ryan. After the successfull event the three had a chance to chat about the days past and catch up. The color of their hair is uniformly grey now but their passion for the state police and the people they served was clearly evident. The author was proud to serve with such great Troopers.

Due to the hospitality of Liz Decker and her staff this will be an event that has already been etched into the memory of the author.

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