Retired State Trooper heading to Barnes & Noble in Richmond Virginia for a book event and signing

Author, retired Maryland State Police Lieutenant, David Reichenbaugh is doing a book event at Barnes & Noble 11500 Midlothian Road in the Chesterfield Town Center in Richmond Virginia this Saturday April 27th at 3PM. He will be there to meet, greet, and discuss his book In Pursuit The Hunt for The Beltway Snipers,

His book details the investigation and capture of two of the most blood thirsty spree killers in American History as they stalked the Maryland, Virginia, and District of Columbia areas in 2002. Coming just one year after the 911 terrorist attacks it was unknown if the two killers were part of elaborate terrorist plot or just two killers bent on terrorizing the region and the nation. Go along with the author as he details the investigation and capture of the two killers in a rest area in Myersville Maryland 23 days they began choosing random people and gunning them down. Read how the author thought and his team of highly dedicated law enforcement agents, Troopers, Detectives and Deputies tracked the killers down and brought them to justice.

His book, In Pursuit the Hunt for The Beltway Snipers has received nothing but 5 stars of readers who have submitted reviews. Stop bye Barnes and Noble on Saturday afternoon and get your signed copy.

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Jim Harold’s Nationally Syndicated Pod Cast, Crime Scene, Interviews Author of In Pursuit the Hunt for the Beltway Snipers

The author, Retired State Police Lt. David Reichenbaugh appeared on Jim Harold’s Pod Cast, Crime Scene. The author discussed his involvement in the largest and most intense man hunt in American Law Enforcement History and his new book In Pursuit the Hunt for the Beltway Snipers. Crime Scene has been down loaded and has an audience of 40 million listeners. Click on the link below to hear the latest episode of Crime Scene with Jim Harold and David Reichenbaugh author of In Pursuit